Top 11 WordPress Plugin Pack

Top 11 WordPress Plugin Pack

When you start a WordPress Blog it’s pretty essential to have plugins to increase the usefulness of the blog. What Makes WordPress the most used Blogging tool is because of the large number of plugin’s that are available to enhance your blog. When i Started this blog i had to search and search and goto different sites to find the perfect and most needed plugins for Earn Money Online. Top 10 Plugins for WordPress Posts are there everywhere in almost all famous blogs. Here i Thought of Providing a One time Pack with all Important and Most Wanted WordPress Plugin’s for Download in a single file which can make your life easy.

Before I can give you the Pack. I Should talk about the Plugin’s that Would Be available in this List.

  • Akismet
    It comes in Default with WordPress(Still ive included this in the Pack). It’s a Must To activate this plugin to keep your Blog clean from Spam Comments. To activate it you’ll need WordPress API key, which is freely available to every user. Once activated you can access it through ‘Options ->Discussion’. As soon as your site is indexed in search engine, the spam comments start flooding in. Akismet, is created by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress.
  • Subscribe to Comments is a plugin that allows commenters on your blog to check a box before commenting and get e-mail notification of further comments. It is one of the most popular WordPress plugins out there for the simple reason that it helps foster a community around your blog by encouraging commenters to come back and stay engaged in the dialog.
  • Popularity Contest is a WordPress plugin that keeps track of activity on your blog and calculates a popularity percentage for each post and page.Newer Posts Will have less Popularity and the most Viewed post will have 100% popularity and so on.
  • WP-ContactForm allowing you to just drop a contact form on any post or page throughout your WordPress site, Thus you dont have to display your email address in Public.
  • Share It – allows you to submit the post to Social Bookmarking sites and also to share the post as Email to your friends.
  • Google Sitemaps – This plugin generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.Access it through ‘Options -> Sitemap’.
  • WP Stats – Displys your Blog Statistics.Top 10 Posts.Top Ten Commenters etc. Pretty useful to know who your blog is general and pretty simple to understand also.
  • WordPress Reports – Fetches statistics from Google Analytics and Feedburner and adds them to the new ‘Reports’ tab.So you dont have to go to Google Analytics and feedburner to check your statistics.
  • All in One SEO – It’s an Excellent Plugin to Optimise your Blog for Search Engine.
  • Related Posts – Shows Similar Posts Related to the post that’s presently Viewed. It’s Good Plugin to get traffic to Similar posts of you as well.
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior allows you to tag your posts. Tags helps narrow down what the post is about, it provides an easy form of navigating your site, and it allows Technorati to do a better job indexing your posts. The Technorati factor alone is a great reason to start tagging because your posts become easier to find at Technorati, thus driving more traffic to your website.

Download WordPress Plugin Packs with 11 WordPress Plugins
Download From Rapidshare WordPress Plugin Pack: Rar(Size:309KB) | Zip (Size(327KB)

Note : All Credits for the Plugin’s Goes to the Actual Plugin Owners. Please Visit their respective sites for more info on the Plugin’s and latest versions.

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