How to get your Klout Profile in Bing Search (Snapshot)

How to get your Klout Profile in Bing Search (Snapshot)

Bing search now extends the partnership with klout and now integrates Klout score into the search and shows a persons real word influence. Snapshots on Bing enable anyone who signs up on Kloutto verify & manage how they appear in Bing search results.

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How to enable your Klout Snapshot in Bing Search Results

To claim your Bing Snapshot you need to register for Klout if you don’t already have an account, and then connect your LinkedIn profile to your Klout account. Simple isnt it? I have already placed a request and waiting to see the results. Click here to enable your Bing Snapshot.

Now, when someone searches for you on Bing, your Klout-verified Snapshot will be displayed next to the search results and will show you the following information:

  • Public LinkedIn summary
  • Links to your connected social profiles
  • Klout Score and influential topics
  • Two of your most influential public moments from Twitter (over the past 7 days) and Instagram (over the past 90 days)

You can manage what gets shown in your Snapshot by editing your public profile data on LinkedIn. You can also turn off the display of Twitter and Instagram moments on Bing or opt out of Klout-verified Snapshots.

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