3 ways to use Digital Point Forums to Earn Money Online

If you are a webmaster or has intrest in web, you must definitely check out Digitalpoint Forums. It’s not a stable source of Income, Coz money comes from DP(i must say Using DP) only if you put in effort. Digital Point is the Mecca of Webmasters and people hunting for resources and ways to Build and make their site popular.

#3 Ways of Earning Money Online using Digital Point Forums

    Forum posting – you get paid $0.10 per forum post and upto $1 – $10 from a single site. It can prove a bit difficult in the beginning as the forum sometimes may not be of your interest or it’s niche may be of such that you may not have topics to start or speak off. If you are really keen on earning,Do some search on the niche and enter the forum and start posting. There is nothing wrong in trying. Im sure you will earn some money using forum posting.Some people also give you $0.50 for voting there news or digging their site. Posting Comments on youtube Videos(another $0.50) is also a kind of post that you can easily try out and earn some quick cash. Remeber small small amounts make it large. Put in small amounts you can comfortably make $10 from Digital point forums just by posting.
  • Another easy way of Earning Money Online is to Offer your services. If you are Keen on Helping( Not for free) you can earn Money. You can offer Directory Submission services to your fellow DP members(25 pr3+ Directory Submissions for $5 is not a bad way to earn money).You can also Sell your Domains, Codes , Myspace Urls / Link Space etc. Some people i have seen sell rapidshare accounts/Offer SEO services / Cheap Domain names etc.
  • If you are good at designing, you can design Logo’s, headers,Buttons, page layouts and Earn Pretty BIG money. People do pay you well in DP for the work. If you are good in programming you can get good offers to earn. The Minmum Pay out would be $10 for small coding Jobs. If you can install scripts you can earn $20 plus for single installtions of scripts.

I gave my try on DP and i could Earn $30 in just 4 days with some hours effort. I strongly recommend DP as a way to earn some money Online.

PS : You Need to have a Paypal to Get Paid

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  3. Hey DP is really Mecca. One thing I like about is you get any kind of help about Internet buissness. It’s actually Dp who inspired me for blogging.

    And about you post: it’s really a good. post i think i will vote for it.

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  13. The very true post. People at DP really earn money there and earnings depends on the type of work that is on offer. If you had a good experience and made a good job an employer can give you an iTrader what makes other employers trust you more.

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  25. Hello everybody, my name is Damion, and I’m glad to join your conmunity, and wish to assit as far as possible.

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